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We are always keen to increase our number of experienced and skilled Associates.  We usually expect people to have at least six years relevant post qualification experience.  Prospective Associates either independently approach IPE or (more commonly) are recommended by a current Associate or one of IPE’s Clients.

Before being confirmed as an Associate of IPE the following procedure must be satisfactorily completed:

Following consideration of a CV a prospective Associate maybe invited to meet with and be interviewed by two or more of IPE’s current Associates.

On completion of stage 1 a preferred candidate is requested to provide the names of two professional referees, proof of professional and academic qualifications, professional registration, evidence of Training/CPD record over last three years and two written examples of recent and relevant work (anonymised if appropriate).

On satisfactory completion of the above, an enhanced DBS clearance is requested (renewed every three years) as well as confirmation of valid and appropriate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance and proof of entitlement to reside and work in the United Kingdom.

On completion of the above the Associate and IPE sign an agreement in which the IPEs policies, standards, terms and conditions, binding on all Associates, are stipulated. This agreement does not bind the Associate to working only through IPE and does not commit IPE to finding work for the Associate.  The Associate may only work under the name of IPE where a written contract exists between IPE and a Commissioning Organisation or Individual for this work.

 Quality Assurance Requirements for Associates

All Associates will provide IPE with any current information that may affect their status with regard to the conditions detailed above.

IPE will ensure that all Associates provide regular confirmation of their recent Training/CPD activity relevant to maintaining their Professional Registration(s) and competency to Practice. A register will be maintained with the current and renewal status of this and all other information required for the Associate to Practice to evidence competency and to remain an Associate of IPE.

All Associates will undertake to engage with a professional mentor, and provide evidence of this occurring at least twice a year.