Leadership for Sustainable Improvement and Change

A number of our associates are able to work with Organisations to develop their “Leadership for sustainable improvement and change”.

Mission Statement:

Our aim/approach is to use skilled ethical leadership to support the development & sustainability of effective operational management and the provision of competent and productive frontline staff.

We believe in:

  • Ethical Management and Leadership.
  • Valuing forward thinking organisational change that is owned by the workforce
  • Valuing people and their integrity in a way that maximises motivation and potential
  • Achieving stability and sustainability
  • Being person centred and outcome focused
  • Inspiring, motivating and mentoring staff and managers
  • Supporting the development of sound practice that consolidates and anchors achieved change.

IPE’s experienced and skilled associates will support you to achieve added value and bottom up improvements through cost effective and customised packages.

We will:

  • Establish and increase staff confidence/competence and provide clarity concerning leadership skills. Develop and instill the culture of these qualities in front line managers and foster this in the managers of tomorrow
  • Develop clear communication/consultation between and with staff at all levels
  • Provide mentoring /coaching that maximises potential and addresses poor quality performance
  • Facilitate learning opportunities for staff from “the inside out” including the use of master classes, timely and constructive feedback to staff and managers.
  • Acknowledge skills and process and the importance of integrity/emotional maturity/humour and compassion in the workplace
  • Promote personal responsibility and professional authority
  • Embed sound practice and address poor practice
  • Support the development of the Principal Social Work role to provided a bridge between front line staff and organisational management
  • Ensure a person centred, customer care focus, addressing complaints and offering second opinions as required
  • MCA/DOLS and Safeguarding practice, support and advice

How we work with organisations to achieve this

Our success to date has been based on working as interim operational managers or alongside permanent managers for a minimum period of 6 months. We practice from a basis of being highly visible in the work setting. In larger teams/services and where there are major developmental issues to be addressed, we recommend that at least two of our associates are used conjointly which allows all the advantages of combined skills and a team approach to developing the practice and resources of teams.

The IPE website contains feedback statements that our associates have received from managers and staff in health and social care settings.


  • Provide locums to patch up services during staff shortages or support organisational treading of water pending the introduction of change
  • Work in organisations that have values and practice / management models that are inconsistent with the values of IPE’s Associates.

If you would like to discuss our services and your needs please contact us at: enquiries@ipeassociates.co.uk