Effective Teams and Implementing the Care Act

Using the skills and experience of our associates we are able to work with Organisations to assist in the ‘Development of effective teams and implementing the Care Act”:

Development of effective teams and implementing the Care Act
The Care Act reforms will present challenges and opportunities to all Local Authorities and NHS organisations. IPE’s Associates links experienced and highly skilled independent social care professionals who will work within organisations in managing and supporting change.

We are able to complete one off pieces of work on a sessional basis, or work within your organisation to provide you with the high quality interim managers you need as part of meeting your strategic commitments and developing in-house capability.

Standards and Values

All Associates are expected to be able to work with commissioning organisations towards providing cost effective, timely and flexible solutions. In all instances the aim is to support the delivery of outcomes that meet the objectives of quality and value, organisational outcomes and to ensure that person centred approach is maintained.

Aims and Objectives

IPE assists client organisations through the provision of consultancy and advice and by identifying suitable Associates to take on specific operational roles. This may include working with client agencies to provide a virtual team to take on a specific project or working alongside in-house teams to develop skills and competencies and support the the timely achivement of organisational objectives.

We aim to use skilled ethical leadership to support the development and sustainability of effective operational management and provide competent and productive frontline staff delivering person centred services to communities.

Examples of the ranges of services that we can contribute to

  • Support front line staff and managers to understand and apply the guiding principles underpinning the new legislation and the intention of the reform
  • Support managers and practitioners in the culture shift needed to accommodate the increasing demands of the service, within restricted and reducing resources, to ensure fairness and equity in the allocation of resources and support to people finding their way through the system.
  • Work in partnership with you to deliver your message in line with your organisational strategy and service objectives
  • Contribute to increased confidence in applying the new legislation and guidance to social work practice at different levels and increasing confidence in making defensible decisions based on best evidence
  • Support the implementation of the “customer” journey and the new model of care alongside the development of different types of commissioned support services, including advocacy, carers’ and integrated services,


For further information and discussion please contact Andrew Lane or Helena Cava at enquiries@ipeassociates.co.uk