Philosophy and Purpose

Established in 1992, IPE Associates is a Limited Company providing an umbrella framework for independent health and social care professionals to work in association with each other.

Standards and Values

The underpinning purpose of IPE is to provide a mutually beneficial structure that allows independent professionals to work under a common organisational identity linked to the brand of ‘IPE’ and the standards and values associated with this.

All Associates are expected to be able to work with commissioning organisations and individuals towards providing cost effective, timely and flexible interventions. In all instances the aim is to support the delivery of outcomes that meet the objectives of appropriate quality and cost value, and likely to achieve person centred objectives as well as intended organisational outcomes.


The aim is to promote a reputation for reliability, quality and standards, (reflected in the expectations and requirements of Associates’ professional and registration organisations), that will encourage prospective customers to employ the services of experienced independent professionals through IPE.

IPE aims to assist potential client organisations through the provision of consultancy and advice and by identifying suitable Associates to take on specific work. This may include working with client agencies to provide a virtual team to take on a specific project


Philosophically IPE is committed to working with Public, Independent and Third Sector organisations, as well as individual customers, to provide high quality, person centred, services delivered by experienced professionals.


Associates are recruited by invitation or application based on submission of relevant information. Associates of IPE support the selection process that confirms the suitability of newcomers to be accepted as an Associate, and to represent the objectives, standards and values of IPE.

Associates provide a professional support network to each other.  This includes sharing skills, knowledge and experience; provision of advice, identification and creation of work opportunities; mutual support, training and professional development. Associates of IPE are able to promote their individual or shared practice through the use of IPE’s Website, an IPE Email Address and IPE Business Cards.

Attendance at Meetings arranged by IPE is free and provides the facility to enjoy peer support and the development of ideas for future business and learning opportunities. All Associates are encouraged to promote IPE in the course of their work and contact with other professionals and employing organisations.  This may include alerting other Associates to potential work opportunities.